Russian luxury brand launches iPhone 11 with actual pieces of moon and meteorites

By Muneeb Ahmad on
August 21, 2019
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Caviar, a luxury brand from Russia, has already launched customized iPhone 11 which includes foreign matter from space on its body.

Although Apple’s official launch of upcoming iPhone 11 is still a couple of weeks away, a Russian company has launched a customized premium prototype of the upcoming smartphone. The super luxury smartphone includes several precious stones to decorate it along with the actual pieces of the moon, spaceships and meteorites.

The design theme of the Caviar iPhone 11 model is the solar system and the universe. In order to visualize the universe on the back of the smartphone, Caviar has used stones like diamond, rubies, rare topaz bluestone and cognac diamond. The smartphone also includes a piece of a real spacecraft and an actual moving tourbillon clock on the back side.

Caviar is famous for making premium customized iPhones which cost a boatload of money compared to the actual models. This particular iPhone 11 model, Caviar iPhone 11 Universe Diamond, will cost buyers around USD 49,999. Only one smartphone would be made by the company.

If you are unable to get your hands on this particular smartphone, you can order from a range of customized iPhone 11 smartphones from Caviar which cost a lot less than the Universe Diamond model. In any case, the users can still opt in favor of the standard iPhone 11 models from Apple which would see the light of the day in just a couple of weeks.

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