Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite to be called Galaxy S10 E, won’t come with an in-display fingerprint sensor

Avatar Written by Adeel Aslam · 58 sec read>

Samsung appears to have paid heed to AT&T’s decision to rebrand LTE as “5G E”. The decision might not have gone very well with its competitors. According to a new rumor, the smartphone previously known as Galaxy S10 Lite will actually be sold under the name Galaxy S10 E.

Moreover, for cost-cutting purposes, this phone will not come with an in-display fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy S10 and S10+. Ideally, it implies that it will actually be affordable, and not priced at iPhone XR levels. But since Galaxy S10 E is supposedly Samsung’s direct competitor for the iPhone XR, don’t be astounded on the off chance that it winds up priced similarly.

Galaxy S10 E has a much smaller screen of 5.8″ as compared to the S10 which has a 6.1″ display, while the Plus model comes with a 6.4″ screen. All of them have a similar bezel-less look and cut-outs for the front-facing cameras – in spite of the fact that the Galaxy S10 and S10 E have a single front-facing camera while the S10+ is equipped with two.

S10’s greatest claim to fame is the addition of an in-display fingerprint scanner. Recent reports indicate that Samsung will eschew using the current in-display fingerprint sensor technology used by Vivo and Oppo, to instead use its own ultrasonic technology.

Hypothetically, ultrasonic fingerprint scans could be faster and more efficient than the current optical sensors that companies put underneath the displays of their cellphones.

S10 E is expected to be much less expensive and affordable than the S10 and S10+. This information comes from one of the long-standing Chinese suppliers of UK-based online retailer Mobile Fun.