Samsung may release Galaxy Fold next week

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After getting out of the Galaxy Fold fiasco, the South Korean tech giant Samsung had announced the release of its first foldable phone in September, and according to a new report, it may be coming out in the next week.

Samsung and three mobile operators are in talks to organize a launch ceremony on September 6. Initially, the phone would only be released in South Korea and will be made available for other countries in late September, as reported by South Korean News agency Yonhap.

The newly announced date overlaps with the first day of IFA, and it is expected that Samsung may use the event to show its new model of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung was the first company that presented its foldable phone, but they totally failed in their first attempt when they presented their phones to some famous tech journalist. There were many flaws pointed out in the display of Samsung Galaxy fold. Now that a Chinese company Royale Flexpai has launched its foldable phone, Samsung can only become second company if they launch it before Huawei.

According to the report that preliminary 20 to 30 thousand units would be shipped across South Korea. The expected price of one device is $1902 or over Rs. 300,000.

The company has mentioned few things fixed in the reviewed version of Samsung Galaxy Fold, including the protection of display through extra screen layer and adding metal layers under the screen. They have also reduced the space between the hinge and body.

Earlier this year on the first public display of Samsung Galaxy Fold, users pointed out some weird breaking problems in the display. There were many cases came out where the user broke the display within the use 2-3 days. Most of the time the issue occurred because of the removal of the display protection layer, which the user thought a plastic screen protector (supposed to be removed). To prevent this from happening in the future, now Samsung has apparently included some extra protection under the display.

Written by TechJuice
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