Scientists working to create an Earth within Earth

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According to a report that highlights a recent experiment, scientists are attempting to develop a detailed digital twin of the Earth to project Earth’s future environmental issues through simulations and prevent them. The resulting data could help researchers and policymakers predict and plan disasters ahead of time, with timely decisions.

“If you are planning a two-meter high dike in The Netherlands, for example, I can run through the data in my digital twin and check whether the dike will in all likelihood still protect against expected extreme events in 2050,” says Peter Bauer, deputy director of the project.

The Earth’s digital twin will include data relating to human activities’ influence on the water, food, and energy and the naturally occurring processes that the Earth goes through. It will also help manage the water and food supplies and other key resources.

Artificial intelligence will also play a key role in the Earth modeling project since the scientists plan to utilize it for data assimilation and filter through massive amounts of data.

As the world struggles to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology can help predict similar events and allow world leaders to take measures to minimize the resulting damage pre-emptively.

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