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“Sea Hero Quest” is a Virtual Reality game that can detect Alzheimer’s

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These talented scientists have come up with a Virtual Reality game that collects data from individuals for timely detection of Dementia.

The game allows the doctors to collect symptoms from the individuals, leading to detection of the disease in its initial phases. As for us, humans, we usually end up catching diseases because of its untimely detection. This game targets the early symptoms of Dementia, a common disease also known as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is known to disrupt one’s navigation capability as it onsets, so the game looks for one’s affected navigation capabilities as they sail a ship across different hurdles in a sea.

Named Sea Hero Quest VR, the game was developed as a result of a very thought-out research and collaboration between scientists from notable British and Swiss universities. The task to transform the idea into a game was then handed out to a London-based game development firm, Glitchers, which came up with the final product. Deutsche Telekom, which is a German telecom firm, is funding and looking after the entire project.

Currently, the game is in the process of collecting data from a vast variety of users. Once ample data is collected, the researchers would again sit down to calibrate the data as collected with the actual symptoms of disease. This will help them set definite standards, comparing to which the application would then be able to predict that at what level of disease the players are on. As of now, the game, which was first made available in May last year, has collected data from 3 million individuals.

Download the game for Android | iOS

News via The Independent, Image — Cnet

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