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Seagate has introduced the world’s largest SSD

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Banishing the claim of Samsung of having been built the world’s largest SSD, Seagate has claimed that it has built a 60 TB SSD which now, in fact, is the world’s largest SSD ever demonstrated.

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Seagate, an American data storage manufacturer, has unveiled a truly monstrous 60TB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD at the Flash Memory Summit 2016. The SSD has a 3.5-inch form factor. The Drive features ultra-dense NAND technology and is capable of holding 400 million photos from a typical social media, or 12,000 DVD movies, claimed Seagate.

The Flash Memory Summit 2016 is being held in Santa Clara, California. Seagate demonstrated the 60 TB giant during the ceremony. Samsung also introduced a 32 TB rival which it will be shipping next year. The Seagate’s 60 TB SSD has also won the title of the Most Innovative Flash Memory at the summit.

Samsung revealed a 15.36 TB PM1633a SSD, which effectively was the world’s largest SSD till this unveiling. The Samsung 15.36 TB SSD is in fact still the world’s largest SSD you can actually buy before Seagate makes the giant available for sale which it plans to do next year.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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