SOFTEC ’18 concludes, here are the winners

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After two days of immense effort, the teams finally got a chance to rest their minds. Yes, the winners have been announced!

Victors of the event were accredited during the closing ceremony of the event. The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of the Founder and CEO of NetSol Technologies, Mr. Salim Ghauri, who’s considered an IT Guru throughout the world due to his close association with the world of software for the past 40 years. His attendance managed to uplift the stature of the closing ceremony.

Another notable personality present in the event was the Director of FAST-NU, Mr. Amjad Hussain. Whereas other individuals include the Faculty Advisor of SOFTEC, Mr. Haroon Mahmood and the President of SOFTEC ’18, Mr. Khizar Amin.

The closing ceremony was conducted in the Auditorium of FAST NU’s Computer Science’s departmental building. The entire auditorium was full of participants, sponsors’ representatives, event organizers and other people prior to the arrival of the Chief Guest. One by one, the Chief Guest, the Director of FAST and the President of SOFTEC were called up on stage to address the energized crowd.

It is worthy of a special mention that the Chief Guest, Mr. Salim Ghauri wowed the entire crowd with his dance moves right between the ceremony! Yes, that’s right! He gave in to the amazing music during the ceremony and let his body loose! But that’s not the main thing, is it? So, without any further ado, here are the winners of SOFTEC ’18.

Software Competition:

Winners: VRSR
Runners up: Raks and Roll

Engineering Project Competition:

Winners: Maker Bot
Runners up: Smart Engineers

Programming Competition:

Winners: X-Buffers
Runners up: Per Angusta Angula

Ideas Xtreme:

Senior Wing Winners: Team Blue
Senior Wing Runners up: Bravo Tahir

Junior Wing Winners: Smogerator
Junior Wing Runners up: Smog Billboard

Graphic Designing Competition:

Winners: Nomads
Runners up: Blenders

App Development Competition:

Winners: Codiyappa
Runners up: CIIT-CS-ISB

Web Development Competition:

Winners: Boyz
Runners up: Exotic Works

ROBO Rumble:

Winners: Titans
Runners up: Lucifer

SOFTEC is the biggest university-based software event of Pakistan. It is organized by the Computer Science society of FAST National University, Lahore. SOFTEC ’18 was the 22nd annual edition of the prestigious event. It was originally a simple software competition, whereas now it is a full-fledged event consisting of a series of competitions. More than 1000 participants came from across the country to partake in the 2 days of “IT Extravaganza”. The event consisted of a series of competitions, seminars and an exhibition.

So with this, SOFTEC officially comes to an end. It has been a thrilling ride, full of amazing competitions and an even better participation spirit. Finally, TechJuice signs off as the Official Media Partner of SOFTEC ’18.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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