Sony Sold It’s Waterproof Walkman In A Bottle Of Water:To Boost The Sales

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Sony adapted an excellent marketing strategy and sold its Walkman in a bottle of water. We have heard several times that the gadget is waterproof, but Sony has proved it amazingly. Sony took the claim to an extreme by selling their Walkman in water bottles. Recently, Sony introduced its W270 Series Walkman, which became famous because of a surprising marketing strategy from 2014 that contained the headphones inside personalized water bottles. 

In March 2023, the Fascinating account tweeted about Sony’s marketing strategy and stated that it was an attempt to boost sales. It has tremendously increased the sales of the W series Walkman using the unusual strategy. Surprisingly, within two days, it received 400k likes and 42 million views. 

Back in 2009, Sony introduced its W Wearable series of headphones with advanced integrated audio speakers. In 2013, Sony unveiled the W270 Series just after it. The series’ excellent selling feature was a waterproof design with an IPX8 rating explicitly targeting athletes and swimmers. The newly designed W270 series blends waterproof techniques, as every aperture is sealed with a robust rubber gasket. This technique enables it to operate submerged for up to 30 minutes. 

Initially, the sales could have been more satisfactory, especially in New Zealand. Therefore, Sony created a unique marketing plan and adopted a different strategy to boost sales and further demonstrate the W Series Walkman’s dependability. Moreover, in collaboration to demonstrate the Walkman’s features, Sony made an effort and showcased it by putting it inside a water bottle in collaboration with the advertising agency FCB. Later, the Walkmans were sold for NZ$99.95 each inside gyms and pool centers vending machines. This boosted the company’s sales and made it simple for individuals to use them for exercise or swimming.

As a result, this new strategy has tremendously increased people’s interest in the product. Social media played a vital role and made the campaign reach nearly 520 million people. Not only this, but it has also increased revenues by 380%, exceeding the intended objective of achieving 20%. Additionally, the product was formally sold out in New Zealand by December 2014.

Previously, Sony has also adopted unconventional marketing strategies, including the Bottled Walkman. The business also initiated opening an underwater pop-up store in 2014 to showcase the new Xperia Z3 and its IP68 design. However, the Xperia Aquatech concept was a dome-shaped structure around four meters under the surface of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai. Only VIPs, celebrities, media professionals, and contest winners were part of the event. The invitees were provided custom-designed Sony diving suits, including all the diving equipment. The company took proactive measures and emphasized that pool training is mandatory before entering the store. 

Spyros Gousetis, director at marketing Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa, said the Xperia Aquatech Store was designed to “put Sony’s pioneering waterproof technology on its smart devices at the forefront” and “deliver an unforgettable experience to guests and fans in a visually, and emotionally powerful way.

Sony is a popular Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.Sony is engaged in design, manufacture and sales of electroic equipments. It operated in different se?oftware and network services.

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