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Meta Gets a Record Breaking $1.3 Billion Fine for Sharing European Data With US

It was reported that Meta was transferring EU user data across the Atlantic despite being ordered to stop back...

May 22 · >

Govt sets aside Rs2 billion to protect institutions from cyber attacks

In a concerted effort to stave off cyber attacks on public sector institutions, the government has sanctioned a sum of Rs2...

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Nov 8 · >

Facebook might be secretly working on an Android-powered smartwatch

Facebook is up to something, but thankfully, it has nothing to do with your privacy this time. Instead, it...

Feb 13 · >

Strong data protection laws needed in Pakistan after WhatsApp privacy policy change

In a response to the new WhatsApp privacy policy that openly allows the sharing of user data with Facebook,...

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Jan 11 · >

France slaps massive fines on Google and Amazon for dropping tracking cookies without consent

France’s premier data protection agency, the CNIL, fined tech titans Google and Amazon today for dropping tracking cookies without...

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Dec 10 · >