Ab Aur Nahin

Ab Aur Nahin, web portal for legal and psychological counseling of women launched

TechJuice • February 7, 2019

Pakistan ranks as “Not Free” in 2018 Freedom on the Net report

Muneeb Ahmad • November 5, 2018

Mobile and internet shutdowns to be tracked in Elections 2018 by DRF and BoloBhi

Asra Rizwan • July 18, 2018
Karandaaz Pakistan

Women more affected by Cyber Crimes, Digital Rights Foundation Report

TechJuice • December 21, 2017

Cyber harassment report has been revealed by the Digital Rights Foundation

Muneeb Ahmad • April 11, 2017
Nighat Dad

Pakistani Women’s right activist wins Atlantic Council Digital Freedom Award

Rehan Ahmed • June 5, 2016