Facebook acquired Spain based gaming cloud startup PlayGiga

Facebook has made a deal with a Spanish gaming cloud company known as PlayGiga. The deal was set at...

Dec 20 ·>

Suicide game Blue Whale pushes victim to a second suicide attempt

A teenager tried to kill herself for the second time while trying to attempt the Blue Whale challenge. Blue...

Sep 7 ·>

Blue Whale is a game encouraging people to commit suicide

Games, whether indoor or outdoor, are a great source of joy and entertainment for teenagers. However, in recent times...

Aug 22 ·>

90’s classic Tekken debuts on smartphone

It turns out that Bandai Namco, a Japan-based game maker and publisher, has decided to launch 90s classic, still...

Aug 21 ·>

Four biggest announcements of E3 2017

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3 has started with lots of exciting news and announcements by...

Jun 14 ·>

Po-Khi-Mon Express is a bus tour for catching Pokemons in Pakistan

Pokemon Go has kickstarted a whole new chapter in mobile gaming! Now, four friends in Karachi are offering you...

Jul 29 ·>