Crypto Hackers Have Stolen $3 Billion This Year Via 125 Hack Attacks

This year has been pretty good for crypto hackers and they have collected $3 billion across 125 hacks so...

Oct 19 · >

1 million Kashmir University Students & Teachers’ Data ‘hacked, put on sale’ on Dark Web

Reports and users of social media platforms claimed, a ‘threat actor’ by the name of “VictorLustig” uploaded the database...

Aug 12 · >

“NADRA’s data has been compromised, it has been hacked”: FIA official’s statement

Disclaimer: The following story, originally reported by Dawn, has since been “categorically denied” by the Federal Investigation Agency. You...

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Nov 26 · >

Hackers manage to steal Rs5.8 million from NBP ATM

A group of hackers bagged serious cash by siphoning over Rs. 5.8 million from an ATM at a National...

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Nov 24 · >

Pakistani Hackers Attack Critical Indian Government Installations

In recent news, a US-based threat intelligence firm, called Black Lotus Labs, stated that a group of Pakistani hackers...

Jul 14 · >

Sindh High Court Website Hacked By Indian Hackers

In recent news, the official website of the Sindh High Court was hacked by a group of hackers known...

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Jul 6 · >

Billions Of Passwords Leaked In The Largest Data Breach

In recent news, hackers have leaked over 3.2 billion passwords in what is said to be the largest data...

Jun 11 · >

Cyber threats rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, losses exceed $4.2 billion

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center logged 791,790 complaints of suspected internet crimes last year —...

Apr 26 · >

United States sanctions six Russian companies for aiding Russia’s cyber-attacks against the US

The Biden administration issued sanctions against six Russian technology companies for helping Russia carry out malicious cyber activities, including...

Apr 21 · >

Hackers are using “Steam” invites to hijack computers of ‘Counter Strike’ players

According to a bug report, hackers can take control of victims’ computers just by tricking them into clicking on...

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Apr 14 · >

Hackers resort to phone calls to infect people’s PC’s with malware

The newest method of infecting your computer is not something innovative but unexpectedly conventional – phone calls. Online researchers...

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Apr 5 · >

Facebook caught a Chinese hacker group targeting Uyghur communities

In recent news, Facebook disclosed that a group of Chinese hackers used their social media platform in order to...

Mar 25 · >

Hackers are targeting telecom companies to steal 5G secrets

In recent news, a few cybersecurity researchers at McAfee discovered that a cyber-espionage campaign is targeting telecommunication companies around...

Mar 18 · >