10 Indian University Websites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Official websites of 10 Indian universities including Indian Institute of Technology and Delhi University websites have been hacked by...

Apr 26 · 43 sec read >

Hackers take over hundreds of emergency sirens, wake up the entire city

A recent hacking attack took over the entire emergency siren system of Dallas city in the US. After taking...

Apr 10 · 48 sec read >

Hackers storm PlayStation and Xbox 360 forums

About two popular gaming forums, the Xbox360ISO and the PlayStation forum PSPISO have allegedly come under a hacking attack,...

Feb 1 · 52 sec read >

Hotel forced to pay Bitcoins after hackers locked the guests out of their rooms

A luxury hotel in Austria was forced to pay ransom money to a bunch of hackers after they locked...

Jan 30 · 48 sec read >

One billion Yahoo users affected in the World’s largest hack

Yahoo has admitted that as much as a billion users could have been hacked off there important credentials in...

Dec 15 · 58 sec read >

Pakistani ‘script kiddies’ hacked over 7,000 Indian websites

A group of Pakistani hackers is claiming to have hacked over 7,000 non-government Indian websites, the names of the...

Oct 6 · 44 sec read >
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[Infographic] 10 biggest data breaches and their causes

Ever since the dawn of Internet, it has been used ceaselessly for sharing information and, in recent times, to...

Jul 11 · 16 sec read >
Ever since the dawn of Internet, it has been used ceaselessly for sharing information and, in recent times, to save important data. Despite the fact that the Internet has gradually been made more secure, it has not stopped hackers to commit massive data breaches that have effected millions of people. Government, Healthcare, and Finance have been the most targeted industries. RedPixie (https://redpixie.com/10-biggest-data-breaches-and-their-causes/) carried out an independent research which lists the 10 biggest data breaches and how they were carried out.

Online petition for second EU referendum ‘pranked’ with fake signatures

Parliamentary authorities instigated an inquiry after they removed around 77,000 fake signatures from an online petition filed for the...

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Jun 28 · 1 min read >
Brexit scama

14-year-old security researcher from Pakistan listed in Google Hall of Fame

Muhammad Shahzad, a 14-year-old security researcher from Pakistan, has been enlisted in the Google Hall of Fame for reporting...

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Jun 25 · 1 min read >
Muhammad Shahzad

34,500 Acer customers affected as hackers strike yet again!

Acer’s online store has been compromised as hackers attacked their website and gained access to crucial customer information. The...

Jun 21 · 46 sec read >

Hackers deface PPP website, call Asif Zardari the most corrupt person in Pakistan

A few hours ago today, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) website was hacked by a group called as ‘CyberHaxors’. Hackers...

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Jun 19 · 22 sec read >
Asif Zardari

Seven Indian Embassy websites hacked by a Pakistani Group

Websites of seven Indian Embassies were hacked and defaced this Wednesday by a group claiming to be in support...

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Jun 10 · 50 sec read >

How a hacker’s typo spoiled a billion dollar bank robbery

The Bangladesh central bank came under a very severe hacking attack this month but due to a simple typo...

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Mar 11 · 1 min read >