IBM and Samsung’s new transistors could give phones battery life of one week

IBM and Samsung are two behemoths of the technology world who claim to have something incredibly exciting in the...

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Dec 14 · >

IBM’s 2nm Chip Said To Be A Breakthrough, More Powerful And Less Energy

IBM claims it has made a breakthrough in computer processors by creating a 2nm chip in one of its...

May 11 · >

Asif Ahmad named general manager, IBM Pakistan

KARACHI: IBM announced today that Asif Ahmad has been named General Manager of IBM Pakistan. Ahmad succeeds Ghazanfar Ali,...

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Mar 17 · >

IBM introduces an AI based robot that creates fine art paintings

Artificial Intelligence takes another leap in creativity as IBM Japan recently introduced a robot that has the power to...

Mar 10 · >

Intel, AMD and others request U.S President Joe Biden to accelerate Semiconductor Production

As the COVID lockdown, while varying in some countries, continues globally, the availability of semiconductors have become scarce. This...

Feb 15 · >

Cyberattacks against machine learning systems are very common

Machine Learning (ML) has changed the whole outlook of the IT industry since its inception. With more and more...

Oct 26 · >

Confidential Computing is the next big thing for IBM and cloud security

Trillions of GBs of data is being produced every single day all over the world. So where is all...

Oct 19 · >

IBM on the Road to Launch 1000+ Qubit Quantum Computer by 2023

Quantum computers are supposed to be the next big invention of this decade. If we can build a commercially...

Sep 29 · >

IBM to launch Open P-TECH in Pakistan to help develop a technologically proficient workforce

IBM’s Open P-TECH, Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) is coming to Pakistan, as mentioned in a...

Jul 28 · >

IBM’s new battery technology is both better and more sustainable than lithium ion

With the effects of global warming and climate change being more evident than ever before in human history, the...

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Dec 22 · >

Google’s claims to have achieved ‘quantum supremacy’ amid skepticism from rivals

Quantum computing has been the new hot topic in the world of tech in recent years. However, practical application...

Oct 24 · >

Pakistani computer scientist receives IBM’s highest award

Two Pakistani computer scientists named Asma Zaheer and Samir Ashraf have been honored with IBM‘s highest esteemed award “Best...

May 24 · >