iPhone 7 lost in sea gets discovered by a random diver after a text message

An iPhone 7 has been found in the sea by a diver after the phone’s screen turned on after...

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Jul 13 · >

Do you own an iPhone? If yes, you’re rich, research reveals

A research has been carried out by Economists in the University of Chicago which states that owning an Apple...

Jul 9 · >

iPhone 6S will now be produced locally in India

India has progressed rapidly in the tech realm in the last few years. Their current government has done a...

Jun 27 · >

Apple AirPower expected to launch this September

Apple has been the epitome of innovation for the last few years. Two years back they initiated the no-headphone-jack...

Jun 22 · >

See, Apple, people don’t want a cheap iPhone – Survey reveals

I recently did a piece on why I think the cheaper trim of the upcoming 2018 iPhone isn’t going...

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Jun 21 · >

Mockups of all three iPhone to be released this year get compared in a new video

A new video has been making rounds on digital media showing detailed mockups of all the three iPhone models...

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Jun 19 · >

Apple is updating iOS to block police from unlocking iPhones

The Cupertino giant has recently unveiled many new features for the next iOS in this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference...

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Jun 14 · >

Siri gets massive upgrades in the latest iOS update

Apple has unveiled a significant number of software related updates during their Worldwide Developers Conference, also dubbed as WWDC...

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Jun 8 · >

Apple iOS 12’s new feature will let your AirPods work as hearing aids

The Cupertino giant has brought many new features and updates in currently on-going Worldwide Developers Conference, namely the most...

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Jun 6 · >

Everything you need to know about Apple iOS 12

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 (WWDC) kicked off this Tuesday, bringing many new updates and features to the company’s...

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Jun 6 · >

Here is how you can watch Apple’s WWDC 2018

One of the most anticipated events of Apple, Worldwide Developer Conference 2018 is all ready to take place today,...

Jun 4 · >

iCloud can now store all your messages

Apple has released the latest version of MacOS High Sierra that now supports storing messages in iCloud. The new...

Jun 4 · >

Apple and Samsung might feature triple-camera setup in upcoming phones

Earlier, we covered the reports about Samsung and Apple devices to likely adopt the triple-camera setup in the future....

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Jun 2 · >