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The Apple Watch Ultra; The Toughest Apple Watch is Finally Here

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Apple watch

Apple in its launch event just announced the arrival of the toughest Apple Watch to be ever produced, designed for extreme sports athletes, the watch is designed to work optimally even in the worst conditions.

“An essential watch for essentially anything”, is what Apple has called it in its live event. The Apple watch ultra has both design and features twice as powerful as the Apple Watch Series 8. Priced at $799, the Apple watch is designed to function extremely well in the three most extreme situations for an athlete which include the ocean, an extreme marathon trail and a mountain climb.

Let’s first discuss the features and then dive into further details about how an Apple watch ultra can protect an extreme sports athlete in every situation.


Apple watch

The Apple Watch Series 8 is no less when it comes to specs and features, however, the Apple Watch Ultra takes everything to the next level. Designed to work in the harshest environment, the watch has an air-grade titanium case and sapphire front crystal.

To make it more functional in different extreme environments, Apple has equipped the Ultra Watch with the biggest and brightest screen display, accessible side buttons, a second speaker, 3 microphones, cellular functioning, night mode and even a way-finder.

Features such as extra speakers and microphones help athletes to communicate even in the windiest conditions, features such as bright display and night mode help give an athlete a better and clear vision in low light situations whereas accessible side butting will allow athletes to perform almost every task with a simple button push or rotation.

3 Special Bands for Three Different Sports

Apple watch

Apple being the tech genius that it is, understands that Apple Watch Ultra will not just be a watch but a tool for athletes heading out into unknown dangerous locations. Keeping this in mind the company has designed 3 different bands for three different extreme sports; Mountain Climbing, Swimming and Marathons. Let’s discuss each sport and the features offered for assisting athletes in detail.

·         Alpine

While almost every extreme sport can turn out to be deadly at times, mountain climbing is considered to be the deadliest of all. Most of the time, the reason behind deaths is limited metrics and judgment from the climber’s side.

Apple Watch Ultra helps the climber to stay focused while it does things like measuring heart rate, vertical oscillation and other health metrics. It also provides the climber with a precise GPS and alerts important authorities in case of an incident thus increasing the possibility of saving climber’s life.

The Alpine band comes with a titanium G hoop that ensures the watch stays in hand even during the toughest of climbs.

·         Trail

Running a marathon is considered to be a challenge not many are capable of doing, we are not talking about little 10km marathons here but extreme marathons that span through deserts, tropical forests and some of the world’s most dangerous locations.

When running a marathon, the Apple Watch Ultra will help give users an ultimate trial experience and provide them with important metrics such as their heart rate and oscillations etc. It can also provide the runner with a leg-to-leg transition which allows them to better measure their running speeds.

The trail loop band in the Apple watch ensures easy wearing and comfort even during the longest of runs.

·         Ocean

Apple Watch Ultra has a special focus on swimmers, the reason we say this is because the tech giant in the ultra watch has included a new swimming application named ‘Oceanin+’. This app is built in collaboration with a swimming computer development company named Oceanic. Built to provide maximum assistance to swimmers, the application provides swimmers with the smartest of metrics such as their swimming depth, visibility, currents and even safety warnings. To make it more easier to use, the swimmer can control the application with simple button pushes and rotations.

For its ocean band, the tech giant has kept things very simplistic yet interesting. The ocean band is shaped more like a chain that tightly locks into the buckle so that no amount of water pressure can tug out your Apple Watch Ultra from your hands.

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