Some iPhone X devices suffer from ‘Crackling’ or ‘Buzzing’ sound from top speaker

Well, there’s one more issue. I don’t know what’s happening as different flagship devices are suffering from different problems...

Nov 13 ·>

Microsoft’s CEO mocks iPad users ‘get a real computer’

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadela recently visited India and while seeing two journalists using iPad, he cheerily recommended them to...

Nov 13 ·>
Satya Nadela

A mysterious green line appears on some iPhone X devices

Looks like a lot of flagship devices are facing some issues with their displays. First, it was the screen...

Nov 13 ·>

iOS 11 hits 50% adoption in less than 2 months

It’s been around 2 months since the launch of iOS 11. Although the new operating system has a lot...

Nov 8 ·>
iOS 11

Animoji Karaoke takes over the social media after iPhone X launch

iPhone X was launched a few days ago and thousands of people literally waited in long queues to get...

Nov 6 ·>

Apple prepared an official iPhone X video guided tour

iPhone X has been released and people are going crazy over it. Thousands of people queued up around the...

Nov 4 ·>
Apple iPhone X

More than 300 iPhone X units stolen from a parcel truck in the US

Over 300 iPhone X models have been stolen from a United Parcel Service (UPS) truck in San Francisco, US,...

Nov 3 ·>
iPhone X stolen UPS truck

Here’s what the iPhone will look like after 30 years [Infographic]

iPhone is 10 years old now and Apple even made an anniversary addition iPhone X to celebrate 10 years...

Nov 1 ·>
iPhone Concept

Apple to reopen iPhone X bookings from November 4 globally

Apple started taking preorders for iPhone X last week but the increased demand of iPhone X resulted in consumption...

Nov 1 ·>

Apple will not use Qualcomm’s chips in its upcoming devices

The dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has come to light once again. According to sources, Qualcomm has stopped providing...

Oct 31 ·>

iPhone X is selling for a whopping $6000 on eBay

iPhone X is just a few days away from its launch but we all know that the stock is...

Oct 31 ·>
Apple iPhone X

A Surgeon diagnosed his own cancer with an iPhone

A vascular surgeon John Martin has tested a pocket-sized ultrasound device developed by Butterfly Network, a startup based in...

Oct 27 ·>
iPhone detecting cancer

These renders could possibly be your new MacBook, iMac, and iPad

As the launch of iPhone X is coming closer, the excitement of Apple’s fans is increasing dramatically. The iPhone...

Oct 26 ·>