KFC takes “winner winner chicken dinner” to the next level with its 4k 240 fps console

Did someone say PC Master Race? Well not for much longer. Console gamers will finally be able to respond...

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Dec 24 ·>

KFC trolls Sony and Microsoft with its own hilarious gaming console

As if fans trolling the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X wasn’t enough, KFC decided it wanted to...

Jun 15 ·>

KFC is accepting Bitcoin for fried chicken in this country

As soon as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have started their epic bull run, many large companies are accepting Bitcoins...

Jan 12 ·>

The world’s 8 most successful companies that had very humble beginnings

Entrepreneurs who are just starting off often wonder how long it will take them to propel their startup to...

Sep 20 ·>

KFC has launched its own smartphone

World-renowned fast food outlet KFC has launched its own smartphone. KFC has collaborated with Huawei to make the phone...

Jul 13 ·>