People are Spending Billions to Buy Land in the Metaverse But is it Worth it?

According to a report, people have spent over $2 billion in the last 12 months to buy virtual land...

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Nov 4 ·>
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Dubai Is Leading The World Into Metaverse Universe

Just like many fields of tourism, tech, business, or infrastructure, Dubai is far ahead of everyone in the Metaverse...


Why the Metaverse is more than a Hype and a Reality

According to techno-evangelists, the Metaverse is “the next big thing.” Meta (previously Facebook) has disclosed considerable R&D spending. Heavy...

Oct 26 ·>

Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart Debuts Metaverse Shopping “Flipverse”

Flipkart has introduced a Metaverse service for users to more interactively find and shop new items, the Indian e-commerce...

Oct 18 ·>

Pakistan enters the metaverse. Country’s first mega web3 project; The Cloud City Metaverse is coming

NARSUN Studios, Pakistan’s largest Unreal Engine gaming studio is announcing the first ever METAVERSE in Pakistan- The Cloud City...

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First Metaverse Presidential Speech:Macron Apperance on Decentraland

While giving a speech at an event Bpifrance: held at the public investment bank, the president of France, Emmanuel...

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Oct 10 ·>

Is There A Future Of Metaverse In Pakistan?

Pakistan has all the problems that a country can have, whether it be an inconsistent and unstable political situation...

Sep 28 ·>

Augmented Reality – The movement towards a Metaverse

After Facebook’s rebranding announcements, the keyword that we are all listening to is “metaverse” – a virtual space where...

Jan 7 ·>

Utopia or everyday life? Why it is too early to talk about metaverse

For the first time, the term “metaverse” was mentioned in Neil Stevenson’s fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992. In the...

Dec 10 ·>