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Apple is Reportedly Working on a More Affordable Vision Pro Headset

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Affordable Vision Pro headset
Expected to be released by 2025, the affordable version of the Vision Pro headset will just be called ‘The Vision’ or ‘Vision One’

Releasing its Vision Pro headsets on June 6th, Apple led technology enthusiasts in a state of frenzy over the amazing technology and wide range of applications that it possess, however, users were still a bit skeptical about buying the Vision Pro, courtesy of a $3,499 price tag that comes alongside the device.

Apple understands that despite the fact that the Vision Pro is an amazing piece of technology, its price makes it restrictive and that it cannot be adopted on a mass level, therefore, the company is now working on a more affordable version of the Vision Pro headset.

News about the new and affordable version of the Vision Pro headset first came from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says that the company will release it somewhere around 2025 and will be priced much lower than the current Vision Pro headset.

Aimed towards initiating a mass adoption for the technology, the future and affordable versions of the Vision Pro headset might just be named the ‘Vision’ or ‘Vision One’ and might contain lower tier and less powerful accessories.

What this means is that while the future versions of the headset will be affordable, they will contain lower tier hardware including lower-tier screens, less powerful chips, less powerful cameras and even an AirPod requirement for the spatial audio feature.

Being a little different than the Vision Pro, the affordable versions will have all core features of the vision headsets, this includes external EyeSight screen and the hand-tracking system.

Gurman in his report claims that Apple was initially planning to not announce the price of the Vision Pro, since it would have brought in a lot of negative publicity for the company. The company, however, later decided to give it a go.


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