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Senior Army Officers Get Tax and Duty Exemptions On Import of Bullet-Proof Vehicles

After retirement, Senior Army Officers now can enjoy duty and tax-free import on bullet-proof vehicles, up to 6,000 ccs,...

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Sep 25 · >

India Defies $450 Million F-16 Trade Between Pakistan and America

Last week the US government announced that Pakistan’s prolonged request for the F-16 equipment for national security and anti-terrorism...

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Sep 12 · >

Argentina’s Top Military Official visits Pakistan to Inspect JF-17 Fighter Jets

General Juan visited Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra, where he was briefed on the capabilities of the JF-17 Thunder...

Sep 1 · >

Army resorts to C-130 aircraft as search for missing K2 climbers continues

In yet another bid to find the missing K2 climbers, including Muhammad Ali Sadpara, the army is ready to...

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Feb 10 · >

This country is spending $1 billion to make Iron Man like Robot army

The US military is investing roughly $1 billion over the next several years for the development of robots like...

May 19 · >