Bill Gates thinks the Coronavirus could have impacts into 2022

Many people believe the coronavirus pandemic will reach its end with the introduction of vaccines in 2021. However, Bill...

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Dec 16 · 48 sec read >

Studies suggest the next pandemic could originate in Southeast Asia

The coronavirus ravaged the world shutting down industries all over. The world receives a global pandemic roughly once a...

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Dec 14 · 1 min read >

Microsoft CEO warns the consequences of work from home

The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella showed utmost concern regarding work from home stating it would lead to negative...

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May 19 · 1 min read >

Careem facilitates medical insurance for Captains in Pakistan

Careem, the technology platform for the greater Middle East, has partnered with MicroEnsure to facilitate Careem captains’ health insurance...

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Mar 20 · 1 min read >

A student from GIKI develops COVID-19 detector using Artificial Intelligence

Muhammad Aleem, a final year student at GIKI, has come up with an AI-based solution for detecting Coronavirus using...

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Mar 19 · 1 min read >

Coronavirus cases raised to a total of 184 in Pakistan

The number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan has been increasing rather alarmingly in the past 24 hours. The mark...

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Mar 17 · 1 min read >

Airschool announces tools for experts to teach and make money online

A hybrid of Twitch and Masterclass, Airschool comes in very handy in the current situation when the world is...

Mar 16 · 1 min read >