Airschool announces tools for experts to teach and make money online

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A hybrid of Twitch and Masterclass, Airschool comes in very handy in the current situation when the world is getting into quarantine due to the spread of COVID-19 globally.

For beginners, Airschool is a live online-streaming platform where local experts can give sessions and have meaningful interactions with the participants. It has just announced features to help teachers, experts and event organizers conduct hassle-free online classes.

Seeing the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country, the National Security Council of Pakistan has ordered all educational institutions to remain closed until 5th April. The shut down of institutes can result in elongation of the academic year thus the situation is raising concerns among teachers as well as students. Most instructors are looking for online platforms to conduct classes during this period to minimize the loss. Airschool is providing free migration of classes online with no charges. Also, it allows up to 1000 participants in a lecture.

Features for Teachers and Event Managers

Teachers can easily share content and deliver lectures live to the students using the presentation feature of Airschool. Several features like live chat, handout, polling, and reaction make the whole experience just like a real-life classroom. Teachers can take real-time questions in the chat or through the mike and make the session interactive by starting a poll to analyze the concepts of the class.

The platform also has built-in tools for organizers e.g a live panel discussion, an AMA session, a presentation setting, a fireside chat, etc. A panel of teachers can answer the queries of students from the comfort of their homes so the knowledge is transferred effectively. Instructors can also schedule a discussion for students to interact and share their opinions about a certain aspect of the class or course.

A new way to make money

The current sessions on the platforms are being held by experts based in the US, Singapore, and Pakistan making it a platform helping to democratize access to high-quality learning. We spoke with the founder of Airschool, Fatima Rizwan (Full Disclosure: Fatima prev. founded TechJuice), on the kind of traction the platform has received so far. She told TechJuice,

“Airschool is a passion economy product, helping experts share knowledge, and effectively monetize it. We have seen some sessions with the participation of learners from 18 different countries. Experts are making size-able income in an hour-long session. In the future, we see experts using the platform as a means to fully sustain themselves.”

As the world moves towards work from home and remote learning, Airschool can become a tool for individuals who want to share knowledge and make money from the comfort of their home and also a safe haven from learners who want to get access to high-quality content which is easily accessible and affordable.

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