Shame! Galaxy S9 failed to break S7’s sales record

Industry analysts have reported that the Samsung Galaxy S9 did not sell as well as the Galaxy S7. Furthermore,...

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Jul 5 · >

Over 4 million Samsung phones need service each year, court case reveals

The Korean giant, Samsung sells tens of millions of smartphones every year, but more than 4 million of them...

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May 19 · >

Samsung employee accidentally gave away $105 billion worth shares of the company

A Samsung securities employee accidentally gave away a massive dividend in the form of Samsung’s own shares to more...

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Apr 18 · >

Samsung S8, S8+ and Note 8 to get Oreo update within 3 weeks

We all know Samsung is known for making a lot of delays in updating the software on their cellphones,...

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Mar 26 · >

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users facing display issues already

Samsung unveiled its flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at MWC in Barcelona. Reports are coming in that the...

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Mar 22 · >

Galaxy S8 and Note 8 facing issue while charging, screen turns on randomly

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are the best flagships of the South Korean tech giant to date. After...

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Jan 3 · >

This Galaxy S9 leak will be a major disappointment for fans

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is going to be the first ground-breaking flagship device of 2018 and rumors about the phone...

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Dec 12 · >

Some Galaxy S8 units are facing camera focus issue

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have proven to be the most innovative flagships by Samsung ever with their OLED...

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Nov 29 · >

Presenting you the prices and color options of the Samsung Galaxy S8 even before it launches

As the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is drawing closer, the rumor mill is also gaining significant...

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Mar 20 · >

Presenting you the Samsung Galaxy S8 a month before it launches

Seems that the upcoming flagship of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S8, is pretty much obvious with leaks constantly coming...

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Mar 1 · >

Seems that Samsung just leaked S8 in a Korean video

Samsung Inc., the lead smartphone manufacturer giant, has released a set of promotional videos about its newly-enacted AMOLED displays....

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Jan 14 · >