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Tech giants in serious trouble with mounting antitrust lawsuits

In addition to the increasing scrutiny by the US and Australian governments, private lawsuits continue to add to the...

Feb 17 · >

CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook agree to testify at US House’s Antitrust hearing

Reports and reliable sources have revealed that the tech industry’s biggest companies’ CEOs have agreed to appear before the...

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Jul 2 · >

A look at how Europe is regulating tech giants

The inception of tech companies is important in terms of how they drive both employment and innovation, but when...

Jun 10 · >

Google and Facebook to invest in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry has recently pointed out that all the rumors about the...

Feb 26 · >

This popular tax trick helped Google to save $3.7 billion

The tech companies shelter a lot of money from taxes, according to the Dutch. Tech giants like Google, Apple,...

Jan 3 · >