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Telenor Velocity to provide networking opportunity for startups in Lahore

Written by Muneeb Ahmad ·  2 min read >
Telenor Velocity

Velocity, Telenor’s go-to-market accelerator, is doing a closed networking activity this Saturday in Lahore at Daftwarkhwan, a coworking space. Primarily targeted to startups, this free networking event will give every participant a chance to get acquainted with a diverse set of people and discuss problems with the mentors and other startups. Only open to shortlisted participants, the registrations close later today.

What is the agenda?

For this particular networking event in Lahore. The agenda is simple. 50 participants will meet and greet with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors in a speed networking setting which will allow participants to spend ample time with everyone and discuss their problems openly.

How should I prepare?

Understand that every person at a networking event is important and valuable. Do not attend a networking event with the mindset of only extracting value out of it. Make yourself available for everyone and genuinely try to help anyone you can. Do research on the mentors. If you are aware of their profiles and expertise beforehand, you can ask the right questions. Hence, saving ample time of everyone involved in the activity.

Do not go on a spree of sharing business cards without even greeting other attendees, instead, start the conversation, get to know the other person and if you both feel the need, exchange your business cards.

The real action starts after the event is over. Don’t forget to drop follow up emails/messages and keep the conversation going. The majority of people, forget to follow up or do follow up when it is too late and this is how they lose a good connection. Get in touch before the memories fade away!

Who are the mentors?

1. Faheem Mumtaz

Faheem Mumtaz, Founder of, is a solo entrepreneur, who has been quietly working on his platform for jobs, admissions, and tenders. The website rakes millions of visitors and has become an authentic pool for opportunities published in papers in Pakistan. Given his remarkable achievements in this internet venture, he will be helping and advising startups in search engine optimizations and how a hefty user base can be acquired.

You can find him on LinkedIn.

2. Ishrat Nadeem Zahid

President and CEO of tFinery, Ishrat Nadeem has experience in planning, developing, marketing and implementing award winning products and solutions exceeding 3 billion dollars in net revenue. Under his current position, he has built alliances that can generate $750 million dollars in under 18 months.

You can find him on LinkedIn.

3. Umar Majeed

Umar Majeed, a serial entrepreneur, is currently working on his digital health startup in order to help people live a more content, healthy and fulfilling life. He started his first venture at the age of 17 and bootstrapped the internet property to a position where it achieved millions of organic users. He will advise startups in marketing, bootstrapping and growth hacking.

You can find him on LinkedIn.

4. Osama Jawad

Osama Jawad from University of Wales at Cardiff will guide entrepreneurs with a very crucial organizational aspect, Total Quality Management using universal TQM techniques such as Fishbone Diagram.

You can find him on LinkedIn.

Launched almost a year ago, Telenor Velocity is Pakistan’s only go-to market startup accelerator. For startup batches, it is a doorway to a huge retail network, digital payment solutions and other digital services, not easily accessible other wise. Focused on conversions, growth and scale, the accelerator is also expected to organize demo days to help startups raise funds.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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