Which phone is the best, iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S22?

Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S 22 ultra are exceptional phones and are entry-level versions in...

Sep 21 ·>
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Major Defects Already Shown In iPhone 14; Apple Admits Many Mistake

Apple has probably sold millions of iPhone 14 units in less than two weeks, but the launch hasn’t been...

Sep 19 ·>

Does the iPhone 14 come with a charger? What’s in the box?

So far almost everyone is aware of the new iPhone 14 and its Pro models that have been introduced....

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Sep 12 ·>

The Apple Watch Ultra; The Toughest Apple Watch is Finally Here

Apple in its launch event just announced the arrival of the toughest Apple Watch to be ever produced, designed...

Sep 8 ·>
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When And Where Can I Buy the Apple Airpod Pro 2?

On September 7, 2022, Apple did an online event in which CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues announced three...

Sep 8 ·>