[Video] Software Engineer’s tribute to Production Bugs

By Shaoor Munir on
March 13, 2018
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Do you work as a software engineer? Have you ever made plans to chill over the weekend, enjoy the stress-free two days, and just do nothing other than rest and play games with your friends? Well so did Guarav, until the worst thing that could have happened to a software engineer happened to him — production bug. Getting a bug in the product you just cleared for release, and that too at the weekend is probably the worst nightmare of anyone working on software.

Gaurav Madaan, a Software Development Engineer working at Microsoft India, has turned this whole experience into a fun little song. Inspired by the once popular song “Sutta na Milla” (I know what you are thinking, but don’t too excited, this one isn’t that explicit. It’s equally funny though), the video has already garnered nearly 300,000 views on YouTube since its release in February last month.

So here’s the video for the song and I am pretty sure it will seem eerily familiar to anyone who has worked as a software developer:

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