TiE Global unveils a new logo

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TiE Global has unveiled it’s new Brand Identity, in form of a modern, youthful and vibrant Logo. As the largest global entrepreneur network, TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship and assist startups of any stage, age and vertical, by mentoring, networking and education. TiE was started in Silicon Valley by a group of committed entrepreneurs who wanted to give back to the community and foster wealth creation.

The organization has grown to become the world largest entrepreneurship network with 61 Chapters in 18 Countries. The network today boasts chapters in Delhi, Dallas, Sweden and Sydney, among others. It has 11,000 members and 2,500 charter members, who are gold standard members that are accomplished and can support their local Chapter.

The new TiE Refresh Brand Identity is another step in empowering TiE as a global force of change; building a stronger, more vibrant and visible Global brand. The Rationale for the New “TiE Refresh” Logo:

  • Communicate the TiE brand’s unique value and points of distinction.
  • Highlight TiE as the largest global entrepreneur network.
  • Publicize the organization’s leadership and accomplishments in the ‘entrepreneur’ space, via its mission of ‘Fostering Entrepreneurship’ by educating and mentoring startups of any stage, any age, and any vertical.
  • Broadcast that TiE is inclusive and diverse – geographically, ethnically, by gender, or by verticals.
  • Communicate youthfulness, freshness, vibrancy, inclusiveness, ethnic and gender diversity as we attract younger/millennial demographics, different ethnicities and more women.
  • Create brand experience for ‘the now’ and ‘the next’ phase of TiE’s growth.
  • Revitalize market perception.
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