Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs on his 64th birthday

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
February 25, 2019
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Today would have been Steve Job’s 64th birthday and for this occasion, Tim Cook took to Twitter to remember the former Apple CEO and founder in a touching tribute. In a short video of a pond at Apple Park, Tim said Apple Park was Steve’s vision and it was reflected there, it was meant to inspire future employees of Apple and its vision for the years to come.

Given below is the tweet by Tim:

Steve Jobs played a huge role in getting the Apple Campus approved by the Cupertino city council. He said Apple had the chance of building one of the best office buildings in the world while keeping the cost to the minimum. His proposal was presented way back in 2011. Given below is a video which shows the overall aesthetics of the campus, it is actually one of the beautiful places to work at:

Let us have a small recollection of best Steve Jobs moments during his tenure as CEO at Apple. This is the introduction of the iPhone at 2007:

Given below was Steve Jobs take regarding Windows:

And two years later, Steve Jobs introduces Internet Explorer as the default browser on Mac:

Apple also revolutionized the laptop computing segment with the MacBook. Here is a video of the announcement of the original MacBook Air:

What are your favorite moments of Steve Jobs?

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