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Top 3 free courses on Web Development using Django

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Some of us would be aware that web development is generally divided into 2 segments: Front-End Development and Back-End Development. Django is a Python-based web development framework which employs the use of model-view-template architecture to create web experiences with the main goal of easing the development of applications that use extensive databases. Given below are our picks for the top 3 free courses on Django:

Learn Django with Python

This course spans over 28 lectures with 6 hours worth of content covering simple concepts of Django such as views to creating a Simple Store website to various other projects. You should have some knowledge of Python programming and HTML before you take this course. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate of completion as well.

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Django 1.9 | Build A Blog

This course from Udemy makes you aware of the fundamental concepts of Python’s most popular library. You will learn about the Django Rest Framework, building models and then the model to admin approach etc. You will also learn about mapping URLs to views, the Get-Item query, and 404-page redirects. The course has 20 hours worth of content and more than 35,000+ students have taken it so far.

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Create a Simple Website with Django

For those who aren’t familiar with Python at all, let alone Django, this tutorial covers all the basics. The tutorial teaches you to make a simple website with your own custom CMS by customizing a Job Listing website. The course is pretty short, less than 1 hour and will explain all the details required about the web framework.

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