Top 5 Free iOS and Android Apps for Planners and Procrastinators Alike

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Are you a planner to the core of your mind and believe that it helps you stay ahead of everyone? Or are you a sheer procrastinator who believes that everything can be compartmentalized in the brain, however, missing out a thing or two every time. Worry not, because the geeks (read: software developers) have produced friendly (and very attractive) solutions that not only enable you to multi-task but also enhances your productivity through managing your comprehensive to-do lists and (sticky) notes.

1. Evernote

The name is suggestive of a note taking device; however this app offers more than just notes. It offers itself as the ONLY workspace you will ever need to plan out your tasks. It enables you to write (short lists to comprehensive matter), collect (web articles to handwritten notes), find (through powerful discovery and search features) and present (transformation of notes into beautiful layouts).


Thumbs Up: Easy access through any device.
Thumbs Down: Limited formatting options.

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2. Sunrise

With a splendid user interface design, Sunrise can be easily praised as one of the top calendar apps. The navigation is not only extremely user friendly but also does not give you any boring vibes of scheduling through a calendar. In addition to that, it also offers integration with Facebook and Google Maps keeping you on top of all your tasks.


Thumbs Up: Consistent experience through iCloud, Google Calendar and Google Exchange
Thumbs Down: Absence of a search feature.

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3. Todoist

If you find making lists a fun task then this app is solely designed for you. It does not only enables you to list down your tasks but also offers you to formulate and delegate sub tasks, color priorities and assign due dates.



Thumbs Up: Strong user interface for enhanced task management.
Thumbs Down: Lacks collaborative features.

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4. Remember The Milk

This is a really cool app for procrastinators like me which that promises you it won’t let you forget any task! It tracks not only your professional tasks but also alerts you on your personal chores through integrating different tools such as maps and calendars.


Thumbs Up: Tracks recurring tasks.
Thumbs Down: Troublesome syncing.

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5. Google Now

Google now is the ultimate personal assistant that facilitates you to multi task and plan by utilizing its various features such as weather updates, calendars, maps and mail. It also suggests you helpful information based on your web searches.


Thumbs Up: Efficient speech recognition
Thumbs Down: No searching within the interface of app

Get it now at Google Play or App Store.

Let us know your favorite planning apps. Happy Multitasking!

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