Top three technologies to transform 2020 to all new level

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January 2, 2020
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The year 2020 is expected to have many technological advancements. It will take the human race a step further and faster. Three promising fields are going to change our digital perception in big time. The point to be noted here is that these three fields work coherently and needs together in order to upgrade digitally.

Here is a glimpse of what we are about to go through in the year 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence is the most potent when it comes to the digitization of the world. Almost every smart appliance offers a piece of artificial intelligence in one or the other way. Google’s Assistant and Siri are the two brilliant examples of AI. In fact, the way these virtual assistants are upgrading is also depicting how much we are going to rely on them in the near future. 

 A rare example of Artificial intelligence is Amazon’s Alexa. Till now Alexa software required over 100MB of RAM along with ARM Cortex-A processor. The requirement of Alexa has come down to 1MB RAM and Cortex-M processor which means we will be seeing Alexa everywhere. 

 The Amazon Company said: “This makes it easier and cost-effective to add Alexa Built-in capabilities to the product where embedding voice wasn’t previously viable, such as light switches, small appliances, and thermostats.”

 So now all your appliances are going to get a voice and will be able to respond to you whenever something happens. 

 In May of 2020, Google came up with a similar response to the launch of Google Assistant 2.0. According to the company, the Assistant utilizes three different algorithms to talk back, predict and listen to our commands. All this required around 100GB of memory and a stable internet connection for proper operation. Google then announced he has shrunken up the algorithms to 500MBs after combining the deep learning. Google will practice further improvements in order to match Amazon’s scale.

 Google and Amazon both have shown improvement in the auditory pervasiveness. Shortly we can expect the assistants by the two companies to listen to the uncommon noises like footsteps, the sound of the wind, and barking of the dog, etc. 

 By far the biggest difference is going to take place only when we change the way of interaction with these voice assistants. These days all the assistants are waiting to be woken up with the word. No matter what you say, they won’t respond to you until you have said those words. Very soon the assistant will talk first to you and will tell you by itself where she needs you.


 Different companies are working day and night to make our dream come true. In 2020 it is estimated that the 5G network will cover all of the USA. Thanks to the cheaper chip-sets 5G will be accessed on even affordable mobile sets. 5G will provide an amazing bandwidth to the users.

 5G will change everything around us. The Internet will move like a speed of light once 5G starts being used on the devices. The software developers will develop real-world apps for 5G. The term “IoT” will be vastly used in industries. This means machines will be able to communicate with the staff crew, evaluate the stock and keep the business running.

Internet of Things

 It is also known as IoT. It refers to adding up the internet to devices that are being used in our day to day life. Gadgets like a security camera, vacuum cleaners, and door locks. By 2025 around 100 billion devices will be connected online to the network. IoTs are known to lead consumers to meaningful products. IoT will also let users control their devices even if they are not at home.

 Internet of Things has the potential to make the gadgets smart and it will be able to do more than what these are designed for. In fact, by now, IoT is only able to send notifications to the users, In the coming months. We have so far touched two phases of IoT and we are ready to put our hands on the third phase. The first two were about manufacturing smart products and to make them accessible to the general public. The third stage is to communicate with the devices and to increase their work efficiency.

 All the aforementioned trends are intermixed and depend deeply on each other. For example, to bring about meaningful changes by IoT we need good internet speed and a smart way of managing the data which comes from Artificial intelligence. 

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