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Twitter rolls out ‘Engage’ to cater the exclusive social media needs of the public figures

Muneeb Ahmad Written by Muneeb Ahmad · 1 min read>

Just today, twitter has announced the release of an exclusive standalone application ‘Twitter Engage’ to suffice for the sole needs of celebrities, public figures and the influencers who tend to have large fan followings.

The Twitter Engage is specially designed for the influencers and is said to provide real-time analytics on quickly understanding, engaging, and growing the audiences. This feature also aids in following up with updates that could matter for the influencer exclusively, for example, the application will make special mention of a notification if any influencer starts following. The application also has a special tab for the Twitter stats. Audience demographics are aptly depicted through the usage of charts and are easily comprehendible.

Twitter Engage was introduced by Matt Dennebaum, who is a Senior Product Manager at Twitter, through a blog post today. He mentioned that the brought-out has been welcomed by some of the public figures soon after the disclosure. He also mentioned that the application would help you ‘Understand what’s happening in your network’.

Twitter is already being used extensively by the public figures for quick connections with their fan-following public through tweets. While the ordinary applications do cater for the social media needs of an averagely social person, it was never efficient for the users who used to have large audiences. Twitter Engage would just help them.

Facebook also introduced one such application namely Facebook Mentions which only took verified accounts for login, however, Twiter Engage is adapted to take any login and offers a much better analytics-centric approach.

Twitter also announced that the revelation just marks the beginning as updates would be on the way following the Engage’s integration with some of Twitter’s partner brands in the near future.

Sad news only being that it is available on iOS only, at least for now. Download it from iTunes here.

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