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Twitter User Signups At All-Time High, Touts Features Of “Everything App”:Elon Musk

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

New user signups to the social media platform are at an all time high. According to the chief, he struggles with a mass exodus of advertiser’s and users moving to other platforms due to worries and verification and hate speech.

As of November 16, signups has amazingly increased by 66% since the same week in 2021. On average if we count it is approximately two million per day, Musk said in his tweet late on Saturday.

Additionally, he stated that user active minutes user active minutes have reached a record high. On average it is about 8 billion minutes per day over the previous seven days, as per November 15. Of we look closely to the analysis, it is almost about 30% increase over the same week on 2016.

Moreover, according to Musk, earlier this month the number of reported impersonations on the platform has increased. It has increased in both the ways before and after the launch of Twitter blue.

Musk is leading the two big names Tesla and SpaceX. Brian chip startup Neuralink and tunneling firm the Boring company has said that Elon has his own visions. Though, buying Twitter would accelerate his ambition to create an everything app’X.

Musk’ everything app will facilitate features like encrypted direct messages, longform tweets and payment.

Whereas ,earlier on this Sunday he said, he sees a path to Twitter exceeding a billion monthly users in 12 to 18 months.

Most sponsored advertisers on Twitter such as Mondelez International, General motors, Volkswagen AG have stopped their campaigns on Twitter, as they grapple with the new boss.

Due to the action taken by advertising companies, Twitter was experiencing a massive drop in revenue. According to Musk, it’s a coalition of civil rights for pressuring the platforms top advertisers to take action. If he did not protect content moderation.

However, after lifted the ban on tweets by former U.S president Donal Trump. Activists are urging twitter’s advertisers to make public statements, About removing their advertisements from the social media platform.

Multiple employees believe that they have to work so hard for long hours and believed to quit the beleaguered company. After getting an email from Musk to commit long hours with high intensity made employees unsecured.

Earlier in November, the company laid off hundreds of its employees. Including the teams working for communications, content curation, human rights and machine learning ethics. Not only this but including product and engineering teams.