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Twitter Will Introduce an ‘Official Badge’ For High Profile Verified Accounts

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  50 sec read >
Twitter official verification
With the $8 dollar verification badge coming in, it would be easy for people to impersonate famous personalities thus making an official badge necessary

Amidst all the Twitter $8 verification badge frenzy, many celebrities and government personalities are scared of impersonations on the platform. They believe that with the verification badge available for a small price, almost anyone can take their name and have a verified account under it.

Responding to this chaos, Twitter said that it will not change its plan of offering the verification badge for $8, however to prevent impersonations, the platform will introduce an ‘official badge’ for high profile accounts so they can be different from the ones that are verified through the $8 payment.

Twitter’s director of product management, Esther Crawford while speaking about the new feature said that fake government accounts are a big trouble for Twitter. The official badge will be able to counter this problem, and unlike the $8 verification badge, it will not be up for sale.

According to Crawford, the badge will be accessible to governments, large media outlets, companies, business associates, and other public figures.

The Twitter $8 verification checks are now up for grabs up until now, people who take up a Twitter blue subscription will get it automatically. Twitter ‘official badges’ however are not released yet, but they will soon be rolled out to all high profile accounts.

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