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UAE Launches AI Petrol Pumps That Recognize Your Vehicle And Preferences

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ADNOC, a leading fuel company operating in the United Arab Emirates, has planned to launch 3 AI-powered fuel stations called ADNOC Fill&Go in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The advanced futuristic fuel stations are very well modern with computer vision and machine learning. The new modern technology allows the stations to memorize vehicles and offer personalized fuel services.


The process is very modern and practical. The motorist has to register the vehicle on the ADNOC distribution app, and then the user can visit these fuel stations anytime. The cameras will automatically recognize the vehicle.

In addition, once you register on the app, your data will automatically be saved. And will commence the refuelling process based on the preferred fuel type and quantity.


Besides, customers will be shown special offers for ADNOC Oasis stores after refuelling the vehicle on the fuel station’s digital screen.

However, ADNOC Fill&Go is currently operating at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, Corniche Road, and Al Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi.
CEO Badar Saeed Al Lamki stated, “ADNOC Fill&Go reflects their vision of adopting innovative technologies to improve the fueling experience.

Moreover, the fuel company plans to launch this high-tech service across UAE soon.
“Aligning with UAE innovation month, this Development is a testament to our ongoing commitment. To bringing innovative ideas to life as we create rewarding journeys for our customers”.

In addition, the ADNOC flagship service stations showcase other state-of-the-art offerings, including Renewable power generation solutions from solar and wind sources.

Hence, ADNOC is a state oil company in the United Arab Emirates. It’s the world’s 12th latest oil company by production.
It operates across the entire hydrocarbon value chain with a fully integrated business network for exploration, refining, trading, and petrochemical products.

However, utilizing artificial intelligence, such as digital twins and machine learning.
ADNOC’S predictive maintenance platform helps predict types of equipment stoppages, reduces unplanned equipment maintenance, increases reliability and is expected to deliver maintenance savings by up to 20%.

ADNOC’S predictive maintenance project is part of the company’s digital acceleration program.
The main focus is to embed advanced digital technologies across the company’s operations.

However, ADNOC’S strong track record as a SA leading lower carbon intensity energy producer included its zero-emission project.
It also enables the deployment of the region’s first carbon capture project at scale.

The company is constantly working hard to provide the facilities to its customers. The company aims to facilitate its customers by providing a modern high-tech system.
Hence, AI-powered will help people save their last time and save their energy to come and stand in a long queue.

The initiative will help the citizens in achieving the best results and comfort.
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