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Unique Ideas To Make Your Videos Go Viral On Youtube Shorts

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman ·  3 min read >

Youtube shorts have become new addiction of everyone in a very short span of time and plenty of creators are making a ton of money from it as it is the first short format video platform that has been truly monetized. 

Posting YouTube Shorts offers a new opportunity for your content to be discovered. Viewers may find your content under a dedicated Shorts section on the platform or from YouTube’s homepage and search results. Once viewers tap into a Short, they can keep scrolling to watch more Shorts content. With a visible Subscribe button on each Short, viewers are also encouraged to subscribe to your channel while viewing your Shorts content.

Anyone can monetize their channel through shorts and make enough revenue by making viral videos and it is easier than one would think. So here are some tips that are going to help you reach the given goal:

Be Consistent

It is the most basic and important tip anyone can give you if you want to succeed on any social media platform. You need to be consistent with your content uploads no matter what type of content you post on YouTube. Consistently uploading Shorts will hook your audience toward your content and build brand recall and loyalty.

The key is to plan and create your content ahead of time with a posting schedule for your YouTube channel. You can make use of YouTube Scheduling tools to automatically publish your videos on time. Now, when your subscribers expect a new video from your channel, they will not be disappointed by your prompt uploads.

Keep it concise

Remember, viewers, are coming to YouTube Shorts for easily digestible and snappy videos. While Shorts can run up to 60 seconds, think about if you can deliver the same content in a punchier way with a shorter video length.

Create the perfect loop

YouTube Shorts are played on a loop by default. This means that if the viewer doesn’t swipe to the next Short, they will see the same Short again for the second time, or even more times. When filming and editing a Short, try to create a seamless loop to encourage multiple views.

It isn’t enough to just create a strong hook for the beginning portion of your Short. Despite the short length of the video, you need to keep viewers entertained throughout its duration. Ideally, you should aim to re-hook your audience every 3-5 seconds, whether with a trending sound, text, or other visuals.

Make Valuable Shorts

You don’t want just to post random content with your Shorts; it needs to be precise, short, and more importantly, valuable.

If the viewer doesn’t find your Shorts valuable, chances are they won’t engage with your channel further. You’ll just extract a view from the user, and that’s it.

You’ll degrade all the future possibilities of them subscribing to your channel and interacting with your newer content.

You should create YouTube Shorts on topics relevant to your niche and the content of your post on YouTube. You can also use Shorts to introduce your new product or services and create excitement for your viewers.

Use Trending Music

With YouTube Shorts’ built-in Sound tool, creators can add popular songs from major labels to their videos without getting penalized. Whenever appropriate, consider featuring trending music in your Shorts to improve their chances of going viral.

Music helps videos go viral. That’s what’s been happening on TikTok and even older platforms like Triller and the unforgettable sensation that was Vine.

Now YouTube wants to create the same appeal on its mobile app. On March 18, the platform unveiled a feature for adding music to Shorts. The best part? You won’t be penalized for violating copyright rules.

As more creators get this tool, you should research which songs are appearing in certain videos. Then you can add something unique to a trend after seeing what others posted, hopefully making your content stand out.

To start researching, look for the icon below. If you see it, that means the creator added a song from the Shorts camera tool.

Use Pinned Comments to Drive Viewers From a Short to Additional Content

Shorts are similar to TikTok; viewers watch them quickly, swipe to the next video, and repeat the process as they cycle through content. It’s hard to get people to slow down, but when they do, you should give them something to look at.

The comment section is a good place to do this. Because subscribers are harder to gain with Shorts, you should make sure each video has a pinned comment. You can highlight additional content – a playlist, a Short that serves as a part two, whatever you like – and encourage people to explore your channel. If people like what they see, they may hit subscribe.

The pinned comment is your best tool because Shorts don’t have info cards or end screens for suggesting content. Even the video description is hidden behind a two-tap journey.

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Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman
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