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The 5 Best ChatGPT Apps For Android Users

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Since the launch of chatGPT, it has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT is a creation of OpenAI, and since its launch, energy high-tech in trying to incorporate it into its daily tasks. Microsoft and Google are also on the list and have created their chatbots.

The tool is indeed a fantastic creation and produces excellent generative outputs. Every individual or corporate sector tries to incorporate it into their daily life, whether nuy6g55cxr we talk about media, health care, technology or any financial institute. , chatbots have become very popular in almost every sector.

Not only this, it has many exciting features  for Android users as well.


Here we are bringing the 5 best apps that are helpful for Android users.


Alissu is an AI-powered chatGPT application specifically for the Android platform. The tool works on chatGPT 3.5 model with a standard AI system in the contemporary environment.

Alissu can summarize the extensive contents, correct grammatical mistakes and answer questions in a given piece of writing.

Alissu has many creative features that can perform translations, specifically from English to French, Japanese and Spanish, which is an excellent addition to any app.

In addition, it can easily make sense of unstructured data and generate tabulated outputs from long text blocks.

It allows users to use various data formats that make the content accessible.

Moreover, it can translate SQL queries and Python code into natural language for coders who need an accessible format.

Besides, users can download Alissu more than 100,000 times and enjoy a 3.6-star rating—almost 2,000 reviews.


Aico is powered by GPT 3.5 and can be used anywhere your phone travels. Moreover, the application stores the last 1,000 words within the current conversation, making it a robust option for mobile back-and-forth interactions while on the go.

The developers note that Aico can modify automatically generated text responses to understand users better.

For instance, you can ask AI to rephrase its response differently, like “make it funnier”, if you want to tailor the content outputs to a specific audience.

In addition, the AI-powered tool can also improve and examine spelling and grammar, summarizing and translating input texts.

Users can download Aico 500,000 times by users, and the app’s nearly 17,000 reviews give it an average score of 4.6 stars.


ChatSonic is very famous among all. The tool claims to include GPT-4 capabilities and frames itself as “the best chatGPT alternative”. The device is specifically powered and trained through the use of Google search. Can respond to real-time trending topics and updated occurrences without any hassle.

Users can easily download the app over 100,000 times on their Android phones. It has a 3.9-star average rating across more than 3,000 reviews.

The tool is super efficient as it delivers digital art and stylized painting outputs and responds to voice commands instead of text-based queries.

Hence, this makes the tool an intelligent addition to any device. Moreover, the platform offers a free trial and custom plans that make the most of chatSonic require an active subscription.


ChatOn is an AI-powered app for Android users. Users can download it over 500,000 times. The tool has spelling and grammar-checking capabilities, including summarizing skills that can make text relatively easier to understand.

In addition, users can input text and ask the AI system to optimize the writing structure to enhance clarity.

Moreover, the chatOn platform includes coding assistance and solving math problems, cover letter writing, email crafting and speech writing.

APO Assistant

APO Assistant is the most widely downloaded app from the Google Play Store. The data shows that the app has been downloaded over 1 million times.

The best part is the app offers a free version and a paid subscription that enables quota-less use of the platform.

It is explicitly on GPT-4 with all the advanced and latest features. Users can utilize it to write and debug JavaScript code.

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