Upcoming iPhone features leaked in a credible rumor

By Muneeb Ahmad on
February 18, 2019
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The release of upcoming iPhones is still a while away but we have already started receiving rumors on it and some of these rumors seem to be quite credible.

According to rumors from a trusted source of Apple-related insights, the Cupertino-based company would be releasing three new iPhones this year with the same screen-sizes as we have previously seen. It means that we would be seeing a 5.8-inch iPhone, a 6.1-inch, and a 6.5-inch iPhone model. The smartphones would have a better three lens camera setup at the rear and an upgraded Face ID software.

“The new 5.8″ OLED may support DSDS, and the new 6.1″ LCD may be upgraded to 4GB. All of part of the new models’ main upgrades include Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) for indoor positioning and navigation, frosted glass casing, bilateral wireless charging for charging other devices, upgraded Face ID (with a higher power flood illumination), larger batteries, and triple camera feature (wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide lens),” MacRumors quotes the tipster.

Each of these smartphones would again come with a Lightning port and not the USB Type-C connection, this means that we might not see the USB Type-C port in iPhones until 2020 at least. The new report comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-reputed Apple analyst who has built his name by giving off very credible insights.

The leak also threw light on the reverse wireless charging capability which would enable the smartphone to charge other devices wirelessly. Apple might use this option to let the users fill the battery on their Airpods while on the go. All of the iPhones would come with larger batteries to make this feature possible.

Image — Cnet

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