Veteran Hacker Group G-Force hacks and defaces GEO TV

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A renowned Pakistani hacker group, G-Force, hacked GEO TV website yesterday. The group highlighted the elaborate attention the TV channel has been giving to the Axact case, spreading hatred and negativity instead of focusing on important news in Pakistan. G-Force warned that they will continue hacking the websites until Pakistani media straightens up.

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G-Force is known to have fought Pakistan’s first cyber war with India back in 1997. This veteran group mentioned past news which should have gotten more media coverage such as Karachi massacre where dozens of citizens were murdered in broad daylight, Bladia Town Fire where more than 300 people burnt alive, Model Town massacre where citizens were killed during a live TV transmission and many more. They mocked media journalists, anchors and politicians to answer their questions because apparently our nation is ‘brainless.’

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Geo TV website came back online today after being down for a couple of hours and is now, functioning properly. Let us know your sentiments regarding Pakistani News Media channels in the comment section below.


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