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Western Digital Data Hit By Cyber Attack: 10 TB Customer Data Stolen By Hackers

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Cybercrime: Hackers have stolen nearly 10TB of data from a data storage leader that contains customer information. Western Digital has taken its store offline and sent customer data breach notifications that the data has been stolen by the hackers in a March Cyber attack.

According to the sources, hackers are demanding ransom in “minimum 8 figures” in a commitment to not leak the customers’ personal information.

Moreover, according to the news, the hacker spoke and provided details about the data breach.
” The hacker shared a file that was digitally signed with Western Digital code-signing certificate, showing they could digitally sign files to impersonate Western Digital”.

Moreover, the hackers also revealed phone numbers allegedly belonging to several company executives. The hackers were so acknowledged of the entire system that they were able to steal data from the company’s SAP back office. A back-end interface that helps companies manage e-commerce data.

In addition, Western Digital informed via email of the data breach notifications late Friday afternoon. They confirmed that customers’ data was stored in a Western Digital database stolen during the attack.

As per Western Digital, “based on the investigation, we recently learned that on around March 26, 2023, am unauthorized party obtained a copy of a Western Digital Database that contained limited personal information of our online store customers”.

In addition, the company also stated that” the information included customer names, billing and shipping addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. As a security measure, the relevant database stored, in an encrypted format, hashed formats d partial credit card numbers”.

Western Digial

Western Digital Data Breach Notifications

During the investigation, Western Digital Closed its stores, with the message for customers displaying “We will be back soon. We are unable to process orders at this time”.

The company is currently working on the project and investigating the details and will restore its operations on May 15, 2023.

After the attack, the company has become very conscious and aware of its customers to be vigilant against spear-phishing attacks. In which threat actors pose as the company and use the data they have obtained to collect more personal information from clients.

The Western Digital Cyber Attack

The data breach information comes after Western Digital experienced a cyber attack on March 26th. When Western Digital discovered that its data has been hacked by the attackers.

In response to the attack, the company has decided to close its operations for around two weeks along with mobile, desktop, and web apps.

According to the sources, the hacking group has stolen nearly ten terabytes of data. While the threat actors claim not to be part of the ALPHV ransomware operations.

Moreover, in a note published on April 28th, the attackers tainted Western Digital by revealing the images/screenshots of stolen emails, applications, and documents, which showcased that hackers have still used the data after being detected.

The attackers were also so confident about stealing SAP Backoffice database containing customer information and shared a screenshot of what customer invoices actually have.

Since then, the threat actors have not released any further information, which suggests that they are still extorting Western Digital in the hopes of recovering a ransom demand.

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