Western Digital Data Hit By Cyber Attack: 10 TB Customer Data Stolen By Hackers

Cybercrime: Hackers have stolen nearly 10TB of data from a data storage leader that contains customer information. Western Digital...

May 8 · >

Hacking Group Medusa Leaks Data From Public University in Islamabad

Hackers that attacked the Institute of Space Technology and demanded a $500,000 ransom earlier this month have now leaked...

Mar 30 · >

Hacking Group Medusa Attacks a Public University in Islamabad: Student and Staff’s Personal Data Up for Ransom

After attacking the Institute of Space Technology (IST), Hackers are now asking for a ransom of $500,000 Located in...

Mar 8 · >

North Korean Hackers Have Stolen Around $1.2 Billion in Crypto

This North Korean Crypto Hackers have been stealing these $1.2 Billion worth of cryptocurrencies since 2018, however a major...

Feb 20 · >

Hackers Target Countless Computers After An Ion Attack

More than 2,100 computers around the world got infected over the weekend Cybercriminals are actively exploiting a two-year-old VMware...

Feb 7 · >

Seven members of ransomware gang arrested, $10mn bounty announced for leader

Notorious Russian-linked ransomware gang responsible for affecting 5000 victims and extorting money from a host of companies – including...

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Nov 9 · >

Windows 10 offers Ransomware Protection which can be easily turned on

Windows 10 ransomware protection is the first line of defence for those using Windows in 2021. Ransomware not only...

May 18 · >

Ransomware attackers are winning and growing even more confident with time, think tank warns

A report by the defense think tank, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and cybersecurity company BAE Systems warn...

Mar 31 · >

$30 Million: The highest ransomware demand ever recorded as the malicious attacks increase

The highest attempted ransom demand during 2020 stood at $30 million – double the previous highest attempted demand of...

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Mar 19 · >

Ransomware hack delays Cyberpunk patch 1.2 update

CD Projekt SA’s developer team of Cyberpunk 2077 had recently been locked out of their own workstations for the...

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Feb 25 · >

8.5GB worth of K-Electric data leaked online by ransomware attackers

In a bizarre development, K-Electric was attacked by a group of Netwalker ransomware attackers back on 7 September, resulting...

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Oct 1 · >

Massive Cyber Attacks could cost us $53 billion

Lloyd’s of London, an insurance market based in England, has released a report according to which a massive cyber...

Jul 19 · >