WhatsApp Users Can Link Any Device Using Their Phone Numbers

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WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app is constantly trying to bring innovations in the app. As millions of users across the world use the app for messaging, therefore, the company is bringing new features to facilitate its users.
This time, the Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that would enable users to access their account on WhatsApp web by using their phone numbers.
According to the App tracking website, the Google Play Beta Program has released a new update, bringing the version up to
The company names the new feature as ‘link with phone number’ is currently accessible for beta users and will be available to more people in the coming days. In contrast, some users may be able to access the updated feature by installing and trying different versions of the app.


Earlier, WhatsApp allowed its users to open the messaging app on other devices using QR-code. However, the new feature enable users to easily link the account with their phone numbers.

Users can easily find a new option when attempting to link a new device. The app allow users to to link a device with their ‘primary account phone number’ and a one-time code generated by WhatsApp web”. For that, user just need to open WhatsApp Web on the desktop device the user wish to link and then select the ‘link with phone number option’.

To access you need to open WhatsApp Web on the desktop device you wish to link and then select the “link with phone number” option

According to the WhatsApp watcher, “after entering your phone number along with your country, you should be prompted with an 8-character code that you need to enter into WhatsApp after receiving a notification”.

Undoubtedly, the feature is very useful and as previously done users were unable to use the QR-code to access the account on any other device. Moroever, users were also unable to access their cameras using the QR-code. This new advanced feature will allow anyone to connect with WhatsApp web.

Now Whatsapp enable users to access their messaging app on any other device using the phone number and a one time code. At a time, up to four linked devices can be linked without the need of your primary phone

This year, WhatsApp has launched 8 new features to update its app and basic aim was to provide best messaging services to its users. The features which WhatsApp has introduced this year are password protected chats, saving disappearing messages, animated emojis, true caller, use one account on up to 4 phones, exit group chats without notifying anyone, and prevent screenshots on view once messages.

Alas, the new advanced feature is only compatible with WhatsApp Web and does not allow users to link their WhatsApp account to a secondary mobile device with the phone number.

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