No Ads for YouTube channels under 10,000 views

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YouTube will not allow ads for channels with under 10,000 views in total. This latest decision comes to curb the questionable material being posted on YouTube channels.

Some of the small and up coming channels on the platform are retrieving and plagiarizing the content already available on YouTube to generate ad revenue.

Google had been under a lot of criticism for displaying partner ads on racist objectionable content. Even the partners pulled out their ads from the platform to show their discontentment. After this recent episode, YouTube is working hard to counter objectionable content, the recent development on this front is blocking YouTube ads on small channels.

Previously, YouTube advertising was easily accessible and available for all account owners. Now with the limit of 10,000 views in total, a lot of content will be filtered out and will not make it to the mainstream audience. Thereby, making it easy for YouTube to check content for different filters.

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