You may have to play and win video games to land jobs. Here is how

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not just two buzzwords but technologies that continue to produce a profound impact on our lives as they evolve. ATS (Applicant tracking systems) are already being widely employed to hire the best candidates, but now AI is all set to play an even more significant role.

Getting through the recruitment process of even the most conventional jobs requires the candidates to go through a lengthy process – shortlisting, written tests, countless interviews, and other procedures. However, as absurd as it may sound, employers will now also rely on your performance in computer games scored by AI.


Let’s go through the Twitter thread by MIT Technology Review explaining findings by Mercer – the world’s largest asset management company.


The highly unprecedented trend seems to be in part influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic that has pushed many to the brink of unemployment.


However, an unchecked reliance on AI-based hiring tools may lead to biases in hiring decisions.


Pymetrics – a major hiring company behind AI-based games, is working to eliminate biases by testing the systems.


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But how does it work? As an applicant goes through different games, the innovative AI system assesses him against various criteria, including cognitive and emotional elements. The system is programmed to analyze the candidate and verify if he meets the desirable standards as per the role. The candidate doesn’t move to the next stage till he passes the previous stage of the game.


Are you looking to work for big tech? Perhaps, a Fortune 500 company that is likely to invest in such a recruitment technology? If so, it might be time to turn on your Xbox and begin practicing because, as strange as it may sound, you might have to win a video game to land your dream job.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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