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Young innovator from Layyah invents an electric mini tractor

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Khalid, a young man, belonging to the outskirts of Layyah, Punjab, has come up with an innovation to reduce air pollution, an all-electric mini tractor. The vehicle utilizes commonly sourced components, according to local media reports.

While talking to the local media about his invention, Khalid revealed the project’s total cost to be at Rs. 40,000/-. He also claimed that the tractor’s motor runs on chargeable batteries and can carry a weight of up to 80 kg.

The innovator believed the same model is transformable into a larger and improved machine if he receives adequate government investment. The project carries the potential of battling pollution in a province ravaged by annual fog while also enhancing the agricultural sector’s productivity.

The government’s latest electric vehicle policy is being implemented swiftly across the country with tax exemptions as part of a larger vision to reduce carbon emissions and build a green economy.

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The mini tractor is in line with the national EV policy and can help introduce economical and environment-friendly vehicles. However, it remains to be seen whether the government will take the initiative to support the young talent or turn out to be another instance of potential gone to waste.

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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