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Young Team from Hyderabad Launches Portal to Prepare for University Entrance Tests

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The Unipedia is a one-stop portal for students preparing to get into the university of their dreams in Pakistan. The online resource has a vast collection of ECAT, MCAT and other mock university tests along with a tracking and review system. The Unipedia also has detailed information of Bachelor’s programs of major universities in Pakistan to facilitate students in finding the right program. Every test has comprehensive information and instructions and custom time limits can also be set on practice tests. The startup was incubated at P@SHA’s Tech Incubator The Nest i/o for a period of four months.

Ali Gohar and Mubbasher Ahmed, two students at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, came up with this venture’s idea while preparing for their exams. They envisioned a website where preparation of specific topics or entrance tests could be assessed in a total exam like simulation with time management as an integral element of the performance. They moved from Hyderabad to Karachi for four months to attend the incubation program at The Nest i/o and work on improving their product and launching it in the market.

There are a number of features that make The Unipedia so effective for students. A lot of students spend money on preparation of various mock entry tests every year, and are still unable to get personal feedback on their progress. The Unipedia gives detailed graph based illustrated results, with focus on proficiency in subjects as well as time spent on different chapters. This helps students realize their strengths and weaknesses on their own and choose the right program that can help broaden their career choices in the future.

According to Ali, innovation gets stifled due to the boring and outdated lectures of professors. Nobody talks about new ideas and thoughts and the entire focus of academia and students is on the process of getting marks instead of learning. The purpose behind The Unipedia is self assessment of skills so that students can put in their time and money in the right direction and ultimately excel in a career that best showcases their talent and learning.

Written by TechJuice
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