YouTube Star Mr.Beast Sued His ‘Ghost Kitchen Partner’ Over ‘Inedible’ Burger

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YouTube mega success James Donaldson, known as Mr. Beast, is suing the food company he owned in a partnership with Mr.Beast Burger. The celebrity ghost kitchen emerged as a trend among novelty-seeking diners. Customers were using the delivery apps to order dishes bearing the names and images of their favorite personalities.
YouTube personality Mr. Beast is suing the company solely responsible for his branded fast food line in Kudong, the Mr.Beast burger. The reason for such an action is an ‘inedible’ food was delivered to customers. Virtual Dining Concepts, a company in collaboration with James Donaldson, aka Mr.Beast, in 2020 to introduce the food menu out of ‘ghost kitchens.’

James Donaldson claims in his lawsuit that Virtual Dining Concepts prioritizes quantity over quality, and that’s the reason Mr. Beast’s food was constantly decreasing, which is enough to put its reputation down. Mr.Beats fans were disappointed and named the food ‘revolting’ and likely the worst burger they have ever had, among other unfavorable reviews cited in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says, “There are thousands of negative reviews, articles, and comments from people who are deeply disappointed by the fact that MrBeast would put his name on this product because the entire business is based on the tremendous global value of the MrBeast brand, it is MrBeast himself, and not Virtual Dining Concepts, who has borne the brunt of the attacks and criticisms.”

The lawsuit reads, “As a result, MrBeast Burger has been regarded as a misleading, poor reflection of the MrBeast brand that provides low-quality products to customers that are delivered late, in unbranded packaging, fail to include the ordered items, and in some instances, were inedible.”

Donaldson showed his concern and said that he and his team raised their voices about the food but that Virtual Dining Concepts did not notice. In 2020 the grand opening of a Beast Burger restaurant in New Jersey attracted a large group of people, nearly 10,000, eager to try the food. James Donaldson himself attended the event to promote it. Since 2020, Donaldson has used his name to promote his food line.

The people were disappointed and said that “Virtual Dining Concepts was more focused on rapidly expanding the business to pitch the virtual restaurant model to other celebrities for its benefit. It was not focused on controlling the quality of the MrBeast Burger customer experience and products.”
As per the report, around 1,700 restaurants across the country were satisfying Mr Beast Burger’s orders. Now, Donaldson wants to end up the partnership.

In an emailed press release, Virtual Dining Concept said Donaldson’s lawsuit was ”riddled with false statements and inaccuracies.” In addition, Donaldson recently ” attempted to negotiate a new deal to serve his monetary interests.”
However, the statement says, which was sent by Amy Sadowsky, “When VDC refused to accede to his bullying tactics to give up more of the company to him, he filed this ill-advised and meritless lawsuit seeking to undermine the MrBeast Burger brand and terminate his existing contractual obligations without cause.””
Virtual Dining Concept stated,” It is business as usual” for MrBeast Burger — good news for anyone who wants to try the controversial sandwiches.”
In addition, Donaldson has used his name as a marketing tool to promote his products, including branded basketballs, hoodies, Feastables, a line of cookies, and chocolate bars. The host kitchen came into being during Covid-19 but recently has taken a big hit.
Earlier this year, Uber Eats removed many virtual restaurants and tightened its policies towards the virtual restaurants, hoping to cut down on spam.

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