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YouTube Starts Testing Streaming of Free TV Channels

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YouTube TV Channel Streaming
Currently under testing, the feature will allow YouTube to run a number of different ad-supported TV channels without any paid subscription

The world hasn’t yet forgotten the good old cable TV, in fact it will soon be available on YouTube. Yes, you read that right, the world’s biggest video streaming platform, YouTube is currently testing a feature that will allow users to watch selected TV channels while using the YouTube application or website.

Currently, YouTube is in talks with a number of different media houses and TV channels so that the idea could go forward. Just like regular television, these channels on YouTube will feature paid advertisements.

According to different sources, YouTube is currently in discussions with Lionsgate and A&E, which owns a number of different popular TV channels.

Planned to launch later this year, the feature will put YouTube in direct competition with other streaming platforms that have already rolled out similar features. Examples include Roku and Plex, both of which have also rolled out a TV channel streaming feature.

Once in action, this idea will probably go on to make YouTube a central point for users to find all cable TV channels and content.

YouTube TV, a popular YouTube platform is already running on a similar model with no cost of subscription and paid advertisements. It’s predicted that this new cable TV streaming venture will also be introduced under the name of YouTube TV.

Do you think this new feature will work as a revival for the TV industry? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


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